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Bring TV Time to Life

Oct 11, 2016 04:31AM ● By Family Features
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Although some parents choose to limit the amount of time their young children spend watching television, a few standout shows have earned praise for promoting creative problem-solving and social skills – transforming a moderate amount of screen time into an opportunity for learning.

The vibrant animated series “Kate & Mim-Mim,” which centers on 5-year-old Kate and her special friendship with her purple toy bunny, Mim-Mim, has emerged as one of the newest stars of kids' television. Airing on Disney Junior and streaming on Netflix, the show is inspired by creators Scott and Julie Stewart’s own daughter and celebrates imagination, friendship and the joys of childhood through engaging and uplifting stories with empowering "can-do" messages for young viewers.

Each episode of “Kate & Mim-Mim” reinforces the importance of family with a scene that depicts Kate with her mom and dad doing everyday things or creating special memories together. Then, Kate’s imagination takes hold as she “twirls away” with Mim-Mim, who magically transforms into a larger-than-life companion, to a fantasyland called Mimiloo. Together with the series’ colorful cast of characters, the dynamic pair embarks on adventures that underscore for young viewers the importance of big thinking, perseverance, teamwork and being a good friend.

One way to reinforce the positive life lessons featured in “Kate & Mim-Mim” and other quality on-screen children’s entertainment is to extend the relatable characters and experiences into kids’ daily routines – from playtime to bedtime and beyond. A full line of “Kate & Mim-Mim” products – including toys, books, DVDs and more – is arriving major retailers nationwide, giving kids and families across the country the chance to further immerse themselves in the vibrant world of “Kate & Mim-Mim,” which all began with a mom, dad and their little girl with a big imagination.

The imagination-inspiring toy line includes Magic Twirl Mim-Mim, larger-than-life Mim-Mim plush, take-anywhere Adventures with Kate Doll, collectible figures and more, so little ones can act out their favorite scenes from the show and create stories of their own featuring their favorite friends.

Introduce Kate, her lovable bunny pal Mim-Mim and all the positive messages featured in the popular show to your family on Disney Junior and Netflix, and learn more about the series and new products at You can also find “Kate & Mim-Mim” on Facebook and Twitter.

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