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Cecil County Life Spring/Summer 2016 Issue

Appleton Equestrian is reborn in Elkton, a winery flourishes in Chesapeake City, the Plumpton Park Zoo expands, we ask, 'Where Around Elkton?' and more.

Thriving and growing: The Plumpton Park Zoo's success story

Cheryl and Nick Lacovara stepped forward to try to save the zoo, and the community followed their vision to keep Plumpton Park Zoo open in Rising Sun.

The Perryville Farmers Market

A Farm to Fork experience

Spotlight on Hunter’s Sale Barn

Norman Hunter built what has become, over the course of four eventful decades, one of the quintessential Cecil County businesses.

Preserving an historic treasure

Ever since the town of Elkton purchased Historic Elk Landing, efforts to preserve, protect, and restore the site have progressed.

The delicious collision of Heaven and the potato chip cookie

The doors of the Sweet Spice Bake Shop in North East first swung open last December. Since then, it has become one of the busiest – and happiest – must-sees in Cecil County.

Wood-burning artist Carolyn Asti

Embellishing the beauty of wood, a fraction of an inch at a time

A paradise for horse lovers

Appleton Equestrian builds on a long history with the community

The vineyard on the banks of the Bohemia

When Brenda Dedrick and her husband Warren purchased the 440-acre Bohemia Manor Farm in 2013, it was the start of a dream

Life lessons from India

Morgan Palmer's great-grandfather established strong ties to the Boys and Girls Christian Home in Amraviti, India. Palmer shares some life lessons that he learned from a recent trip to India