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The colorful vibe of Cecil County

Jan 07, 2015 05:46PM ● By Kerigan Butt

By Richard L. Gaw

Staff Writer

On any given day, downtown Elkton closely resembles the central hubs of most American towns. Shopkeepers greet visitors. Restaurants and cafes serve breakfast and lunch and dinner. The locals catch up with their friends from the other side of town. 

On the last Saturday of June, there will be no reason to believe that the scenario just described will be any different, except for the fact that the streets of Elkton will be splashed with more color than anyone could possibly imagine. On June 28, the Color Vibe 5K, a national touring event that has become known for its use of paint, entertainment and spectacle, will be making its first stop in Cecil County. Since its beginning in 2012, the Color Vibe has hit dozens of American cities by storm, drawing thousands of children, teenagers, adults and families who get an opportunity to run or walk in a non-competitive 5K race, along with the chance to be splashed with a rainbow of paint colors made from non-toxic food grade quality cornstarch.

In addition to Elkton, the event will swing by several towns and cities in the Northeast, among them Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Scranton and New York City.

"The mission of The Color Vibe is to inspire people in a unique way, to get them out of the house, to allow them to have fun and exercise without really knowing it," said Color Vibe event director Ryan Hall. "We see all kinds of people come to these events, and a lot of them are first-time runners and walkers. Most of the people who participate realize that its a challenge but they also realize that it's an achievable challenge.  We present it in such a way that it doesn't feel like a workout." 

Hall said that the company chose Elkton for several reasons. "We always try to choose towns and cities based on whether or not they have a nice downtown area, access to scenic routes, and various turns and bends along the race route," he said. "Elkton has all of those things.

The Elkton event will kick off at 9 a.m. at the Color Vibe 5K staging area at the corner of Howard and Bow Streets in Elkton. The race will weave its way through the downtown area and into Meadow Park. After the race, there will be music played by a professional DJ, and opportunities for attendees to enjoy the splash of color from paint machines.

"This event will bring tourists to our community, and it will help our local businesses," said Mary Jo Jablonski, Town of Elkton commissioner. "In conversations with Ryan, he informed us that Color Vibe events create a 37 percent boom in business in the towns they appear in."

In addition to the kaleidoscope of color and fun, the Color Vibe also has a charitable side. With each race, the company makes monetary donation to a local organization in the host towns or city, and Color Vibe has chosen the Boys and Girls Club of Cecil County as its target recipient for the Elkton event.

"This is going to be a lot of fun, music and color, and a bigger show than what Elkton is probably used to, with people from other towns coming into Elkton to check them out," Hall said. "I guarantee that there will be a lot of good, positive energy." 

Pre-registration is available now by visiting, and clicking on "Register Now" beside "Elkton" on the list of events. Registration fees range from $40 to $50 per person, and groups of six people or more receive a 10% discount per team member. Entrants will receive an official Color Vib t-shirt, a Color Vibe color pack and a Color Vibe prize. The race is non-competitive, so there will be no awards ceremony.

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